Italian Bold Fashionable Kitchen Design by Elmar Kitchen

dni_17August 1, 2014
Bold Fashionable Kitchen Design 14
Talking about new concept and fresh Italian kitchen, then we’re talking about Elmar Kitchen. Playing in fresh and unique approach area make this concept a tremendous success. This nice modern kitchen design is not only ergonomic but also fashionable, functional, and really fresh. Modular components of this very modern Italian kitchen can adjust to your […]

80,000 Bamboo Skewers Protect a Hedgehog-Like Cabinet

dni_17July 31, 2014
magistral cabinet
Sebastian Errazuriz an artist and designer based in New-York City really makes this furniture like a porcupine. Whether it can protect furniture Hedgehog Cabinet-Like? You are the one who can decide!. All Images Courtesy of Sebastian Errazuriz [ Via ]  

Marvelous Modern Rocking Bed by Shiner

dni_17July 31, 2014
Modern Rocking Bed
Designed by Shiner, this modern rocking bed offers you the luxury along with comfort. It uses carbon steel frame with two choices: blackened or brushed, whereas the wooden base is available in some types of wood such as pine, calico, walnut, and oak. There are several available models of size such a Twin, Full, Queen, […]

Cardboard Furniture Series for Semi-temporary Dwelling’s Student

dni_17July 30, 2014
If you are a semi-temporary dwelling’s student who lives far from your home, you will probably need short-term furnishings in your dorm. Cardboard Furniture is a right choice. It is very simple, but very useful for those who need short-term furnishings. An Australian Company, Karton, had perfectly successful to develop some series of Cardboard Furniture […]

Modern and Cool Spring Pierced Furniture by Esedra

dni_17July 30, 2014
Modern and Cool Spring Pierced Furniture by Esedra-916
With the simply metal sheet pierced and partially upholstered in leather, this furniture looks very awesome and cool. Upholstered in 1 or 2 colors, also available with chromed or lacquered consists of chairs, tables and poufs that both fret worked. And for the outdoor version is also available in steel as an option. Please visit […]