Private Residence – Flügel Haus by Arch-D

Flügel Haus is a private residence designed by Arch-D in 2013 and is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Contemporary Artistic Home in The Azore

Michael S. Iceland Contemporary Artistic Home in the Azore by Bernardo Rodrigues

Michael S. Iceland located in the Azores, where the house is unusual but very interesting match. It’s the creation of Portuguese designer Bernardo Rodrigues. Curved lines create a beautiful image that looks from a distance, resembles a flying bird’s wing. Private homes are very nice, modern and elegant, one of the best when it comes to spend holidays in exotic locations such as the Azores. It has a modern design […]


Long Brick House by Földes & Co. Architects

Földes & Co. Architects have designed a home for a couple in Pilisborosjeno, Hungary. Architecture by Földes & Co. Architects Photography by Levente Sirokai


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Decorative Bathroom Wall Cabinet by Regia

By regulating heading corner laser technology, Regia has combined a splendidly musical bathroom wall cupboard that belongs to their Batik collection. The fretwork doorway is a vital captivate of differently neat and candid pattern of a cabinet. While it adds a beautifying aesthetic, a doorway also reveals a opposite color behind it for even some-more impact. This wall cupboard along with a other Batik pieces are designed to concede for […]


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Colorful Kids Bedroom by Dearkids

Colorful Kids Bedroom by Dearkids

Your kids might be infatuated by one certain favorite color or more. When the time comes up, they will need their own bedroom. Your task as a parent is to provide a best suitable bedroom that makes them feel comfortable and warm because bedroom is a place where they will spend one third of their life. Contemporary kids bedroom designed by Dearkids need to be considered when you want to […]