Beachside House by Robinson Architects

dni_17July 26, 2014
Beachside House by Robinson Architects
Future home for some retirees are short in the beach house. The site is relatively steep, which allows direct entry from the street to the main living area with living room on the lower level. From the street the building appears in the lower scale, while still getting good height on the beach. Projecting elements […]

Crystal of Knowledge; the Largest Library in Asia

dni_17July 11, 2011
largest library in Asia-19
Where would the largest library in Asia located? The answer is in Depok, West Java – Indonesia. The library which is also called “Crystal of Knowledge” is built on 33,000 meter square inside area of University of Indonesia, a state-comprehensive world class university. Some of you might surprise to hear this fact. Well, just come […]

The Wondrous Waterfront Residence in Miami Beach

dni_17June 26, 2011
The villa’s that very impressive you now are located in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. This luxurious design features no less than 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. With a large windows and patio furniture is be styled out well, offers you the freedom to enjoy the beautiful views of the coast to be out of […]