Apartment with green walls

Apartment with Green Walls by SVOYA Studio SVOYA Studio have designed an apartment with green walls in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.


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Antique Bronze Maiden Torchiere 2

Bring a Timeless Style to Your Room with Antique Bronze Maiden Torchiere

Introduced for the first time in France towards the end of the 17th century, the torchiere or torch lamp was mounted one candle only, then the number was doubled or tripled regarded almost as a revolution in the lighting of large rooms. Recently, the design is so varied but some of them would be out-off-date as the time flows. Yet, this luxurious bronze maiden statue torchiere won’t be the same. It […]


Wooden Furniture by JSB

An incredibly exotic sideboard, The Special Tree is part of the Beyond Memory Collection from Insidherland by JSB. It’s part of a series representing the four seasons, this piece embodying summer and all that goes with it. Three types of exotic roots are featured in their natural colors with a gleaming, high-gloss finish. The interior of the sideboard is satinwood, the base and trunks made of oxidized brushed brass. The […]

Beautiful Chandelier Lighting

Beautiful Chandelier Lighting by Metallux – Astro

This beautiful chandelier, called Astro by Metalux, is ideal for those looking to make some confidant lighting choices that still make a superb statement. It’s a large chandelier, that’s for sure, though the soothing and ethereal peculiarity allows it to be oversized but being overwhelmingly inappropriate. It’s only simply stunning. Astro is a dangling light whose structure is done of radiant chrome metal and copper or can also be plated […]


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