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Versatile Contemporary Chair with four-spoke bottom by Enrico Pellizzoni

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Utilize Digitally Fabricated Bookshelf by dbd Studio for Minimalist Home Design

Digitally Fabricated Bookshelf by dbd Studio 01 Utilize Digitally Fabricated Bookshelf by dbd Studio for Minimalist Home Design

How to optimize a minimalist home design? It would be difficult to plan or to sacrifice space for storage in a smaller house or apartment. One of the solutions is to use wooden shelving concept to provide some storage space. You can choose the wood and the design that you want and adjust it to your home layout. You can also purchase built-in solution units that are unlimitedly available at store or online. There is an example of an afield Digitally Fabricated Bookshelf (DFB) designed by dbd Studio based in Washington. They have completed a sequence of bookshelf stretches from floor to ceiling and overhead, and ends at the existing bulkhead. It was specifically designed and built to a condominium in DuPont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC.

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Amazing Modern Home’s Interior Arrangement in Gothenburg

d7e58 Stockholm House Freshome 35 Amazing Modern Homes Interior Arrangement in Gothenburg

When you see the exterior of this home, you wouldn’t expect that the interior design will amaze you. Having no less than 9 rooms with a surface of 400 square meters, an open floor plan with great connections between its various social areas that is large enough to accommodate two families, this residence seems to be designed for a long vocation near the beach for entire member of the family. A small bar with a fireplace can be seen on the left side, right after we enter the house, along with a set of sofas and chairs for socializing area. Many aesthetic stairways enhance the home’s interior. When we go up, we can find a wide reposeful area with many chairs, suitable for a meeting room.

The master room and the other bedrooms in this house are not too special. They are just simple-neat-rooms with wood floors. The use of minimalist furniture made the room look bigger and spacious. But once you go to the bathroom inside the master bedroom, you will amaze by its size and beauty. Using wood element, the washstands and bathroom cabinet look are so elegant.

This residence has an outdoor pool area which is linked with the first floor. After a quick swim and a sun bath, you can walk to the patio area to have a couple of drinks and some snacks. Such a wonderful plan to spend the day!

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Budgeted Home Interior with Creative Touch

Budgeted Home Interior with Creative Touch 1024x619 Budgeted Home Interior with Creative TouchThere are times when our ambition so much bigger than our budget, including when we are doing home improvement. Comfortable and beautiful home is all people’s desire. However, we know that the budget we have to spend for home improvement can be quite high. The good news is, creativity is not determined by budget. As long as we are playing with our creativity, we will be able to create the home or room we dreamed of. Here are some tips on home improvement that we can apply.

First is making the right painting choice. Painting is the cheapest investment that we can make. The best thing about painting is that we can make a dramatic change without spending a lot of money. If our wall is having plain color, then we can chose fresh and bright colors like orange, lime green or others, Feel free to choose the color and don’t be afraid to choose colors that we think too extreme because it might be the perfect color for our room.

Second, to save money, we are highly recommended to shop in the secondhand shop. If we think that the items in the secondhand shop are damaged items, then we are completely wrong because we can find so many treasures there. We will be able to find not only great items, but also vintage items that worth a lot. There would be so many treasures there and they all come in friendly price. However, we have to remember that we should be very careful on the choosing. We should make sure to make a close inspection to the detail of the item. If we buy furniture, we have to make sure the furniture comes in a solid construction.       read more » »

Finding Great Wine Storage Ideas for Your House

wall wine rack Finding Great Wine Storage Ideas for Your House

Wine can be stored in a home with many ways. Everything depends on space, budget, and depends on the amount of wine that you want to store in your home. Make built-in cabinets, wine rack, or even you can build a wine cellar. Those people who have a large collection of wine bottles from around the world definitely need to build a plenty of cabinets or perhaps a wine cellar to store them all. Here’s some wine storage ideas that you can implement at your home. read more » »

Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas in Natural Seclusion

Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas in Natural Seclusion amanzi 01 Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas in Natural Seclusion read more » »

Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine

Are you’re looking for ideas for a modern laundry room?. Here is a modern laundry room design by Valcucine. Valcucine tries to approach the problem holistically, with custom ironing boards, fitted cupboards, integrated drawers, shelves and sliding panels that work with and around necessary appliances (including optional mobile laundry baskets located conveniently below each machine).

Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine line 1 Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine

Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine 3 Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine

Creative Idea To Store DVD And CDs With Unusual Ways

unusual place to store dvds and cds 500x660 Creative Idea To Store DVD And CDs With Unusual WaysIf you are a fan of neatness, you must to be very creative to organize enough storage for all your belongings. But, have you ever imagined to storing a collection of your favorite DVDs and CDs in a toilet. ? Yes, we find some new ideas for you where you can store them. This might look very old-fashioned in the digital age. But it would be very useful if you do it very cleanly for this concept. This idea is not limited to storing your favorite DVDs and CDs, but you can also store a collection of books and even your favorite novel though you might want to read when you are in the toilet.


Bizarre Wine Store Design in Zurich by OOS Swiss Design Firm

Bizarre Wine Store Design in Zurich by OOS Swiss Design Firm 05 Bizarre Wine Store Design in Zurich by OOS Swiss Design Firm

This “entirely made of recycled wooden wine boxes” wine store is a masterpiece design of Swiss Design Firm, OOS. The name of the wine store itself is Albert Reichmuth, located in Zurich. Having no less than 1500 unbranded wine cases covering the entire room from ceiling to wall, and 570 wines, several books, and seating areas with illuminated table display cabinets, this wine store really looks like a wine museum gallery. Well, at its first opening, this bizarre wine showroom is known as “LA GALERIE DU VIN”, a place for selling wine and also a place for the “connoisseurs” to gather.

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Selecting Windows Which Reduce Energy Use

designer tint shades Selecting Windows Which Reduce Energy Use

glazing window

Windows serve several functions in a house: They provide views to the outdoors, allow sunlight to enter, they provide fresh air, and block the flow of heat. The relative importance of these functions varies by climate and by location of the windows in the house. For example, Minnesotans will most likely be interested in passive solar heat gain and will thus want windows that transmit a lot of solar heat, especially on the south side of the house. Florida residents, though, will probably be more concerned with blocking solar heat gain. Next to the amount of insulation in the house envelope and the home’s airtightness, selection of windows and doors has the greatest impact on energy use for heating and air conditioning. Fortunately, this is where some of the most significant advances have been made in building technology over the past several decades.

The best windows today have up to four times the insulation value of the best windows from the early 1970s. These dramatic improvements in window energy performance have been made possible by several major technical developments, the most important of which was transparent, low-emissivity (low-e) coatings on window glass or on plastic films suspended between the layers of glass. These extremely thin layers of metal transmit sunlight and visible light fairly well, but they block the escape of longer-wavelength heat radiation. In this way, they significantly slow down the loss of heat through a window.

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