Amazing Modern Home’s Interior Arrangement in Gothenburg

dni_17March 18, 2014
Modern Home's Interior Stockholm
When you see the exterior of this home, you wouldn’t expect that the interior design will amaze you. Having no less than 9 rooms with a surface of 400 square meters, an open floor plan with great connections between its various social areas that is large enough to accommodate two families, this residence seems to […]

Budgeted Home Interior with Creative Touch

dni_17May 17, 2012
Budgeted Home Interior with Creative Touch
There are times when our ambition so much bigger than our budget, including when we are doing home improvement. Comfortable and beautiful home is all people’s desire. However, we know that the budget we have to spend for home improvement can be quite high. The good news is, creativity is not determined by budget. As […]

Finding Great Wine Storage Ideas for Your House

dni_17March 28, 2012
Wine Storage Ideas
Wine can be stored in a home with many ways. Everything depends on space, budget, and depends on the amount of wine that you want to store in your home. Make built-in cabinets, wine rack, or even you can build a wine cellar. Those people who have a large collection of wine bottles from around […]

Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine

dni_17June 28, 2011
Are you’re looking for ideas for a modern laundry room?. Here is a modern laundry room design by Valcucine. Valcucine tries to approach the problem holistically, with custom ironing boards, fitted cupboards, integrated drawers, shelves and sliding panels that work with and around necessary appliances (including optional mobile laundry baskets located conveniently below each machine).

Creative Idea To Store DVD And CDs With Unusual Ways

dni_17June 21, 2011
Creative storage solutions
If you are a fan of neatness, you must to be very creative to organize enough storage for all your belongings. But, have you ever imagined to storing a collection of your favorite DVDs and CDs in a toilet. ? Yes, we find some new ideas for you where you can store them. This might […]