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The Bayfield by Webb & Brown-Neaves

The Bayfield is a private home constructed by Webb & Brown-Neaves and is located in Perth, Australia. The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is currently for sale for around $545,000. Beauty, Balance and Harmony. The Bayfield features everything you can expect from a Webb & Brown-Neaves home, with beautiful proportions, spacious rooms and those trademark elements of surprise. On the ground floor, the kitchen stretches seamlessly to […]

The Urban Zen Collection Of Furniture by Donna Karan

The Urban Zen Collection Of Furniture by Donna Karan

Fashion designer Donna Karan has introduced the Urban Zen collection of furniture.


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Italian Fancy Designed Bathtubs Presented by BluBlue

Nowadays, bathrooms are designed for indulgence and living. That is why more and more firms begin to concept bathroom areas with this philosophy. Italian company BluBleu‘s portfolio has done that. They make a statement about designing the high end bath with colorful choice of bright colors and sporty headrest, and sometimes a shelf built into them to make it fancy. So, if you need inspiration for your bathtubs, check these […]


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Storrs by Tim Stewart Architects

Tim Stewart Architects have designed Storrs, a home located in Queensland, Australia. The 18 hectare site has had a life that has ebbed and flowed with the life of the family who have owned it for almost 30 years. Developed from the ground up into a small orchard by a growing family, the farm is now retreating back to its natural form as the owners also wind down in retirement. The […]