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Saving Energy through Green Building

1299718228 the green building interior 4 671x1000 Saving Energy through Green BuildingDo you want to provide a safe, healthy place for your children to grow up? Do you concern about rising energy costs? Green home might be a best solution for you. Recently, building a green home is about doing our part to protect the environment, helping to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Quite often, when people think of green building, what comes to mind is the use of recycled-content building materials—insulation made from recycled newspaper, floor tiles made out of ground-up light bulbs, and so forth. Materials are indeed an important component of green construction, but this way of building goes much further. Green building addresses the relationship between a building and the land on which it sits; how the structure might help to foster a sense of community or reduce the need for automobile use by its occupants; how to minimize energy use in the building (energy consumption being one of the largest environmental impacts of any building); and how to create the healthiest possible living space. Make use of solar energy to provide natural day lighting, so that you use sunlight instead of electric lights during the daylight hours is one of green building concept. This can be done with windows, traditional skylights, and a relatively new type of tubular skylight.

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Parnassus Residence: Inspired Decorating Living Room

home renovation ideas parnassus3 Parnassus Residence: Inspired Decorating Living Room

An old residence in San Francisco has been totally rebuilt to accommodate the need of the young family of six. Its beautiful masquerade has been maintained, refined, and delicately restored. The interiors were designed to provide a clean, light, and ethereal credentials to an abounding colors and textures of the owner’s furnishing, art, and textiles. The interior formulation has been reorganized around the executive straight step element, featuring a wall of potion that floods all floors with light. The pattern of a space gives we a feeling that each component or square of seat has been delicately chosen, formulating a change that feels good and looks good. read more » »

Ideal Leisure Space at Home for a Minimum of Six Seated Individuals

Ideal Leisure Space at Home Ideal Leisure Space at Home for a Minimum of Six Seated IndividualsWe use many terms describe leisure space: a space where people gather to interact and take part in various forms of entertainment, from reading to computer work/games and television viewing. Let’s say, Living room, gathering room, great room, or family room. But currently, a formal living room—“where no one ever goes”—is no longer desired. Instead, a great room or gathering room where all family members can gather and take part in a range of activities is preferable. Similarly, formal dining rooms are not favored by some current homeowners because these people often prefer a more casual eating area that is open or partially open to the kitchen, forming a cooking, eating, and entertainment area.

Spaces that are specifically meant to support conversation require seating and/or furniture that can accommodate a certain number of people, arranged at appropriate distances for speaking and discussion. In addition, such spaces, as well as all others used for leisure activities, require adequate circulation. In addition to furniture placement supportive of interaction and appropriate circulation, many leisure spaces are designed in relation to some focal point. A fireplace or wood stove; window(s); or views of adjoining spaces, television, or artwork may become focal points and therefore major influencing factors on the design of the space and the layout of furnishings.

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Pure White Scandinavian Cottage in Stockholm

Pure White Scandivanian Cottage in Stockholm03 Pure White Scandinavian Cottage in Stockholm

This 110 square meters Swedish cottage displays nothing but stylish clean interior design with minimalist arrangements in its four rooms. The core of this cottage is the living room area with a welcoming rustic fireplace, white-pigmented oak floors and all-in-white walls. Several large windows can be found in almost every corner and these make the cottage fulls of natural light. A neat pure white kitchen cabinets and a dining area for numerous guests are also a charming point of it. Contrast with major part of this cottage, the childrens’ room is a little bright because it use shocking pink in one side of the wall. Take a look at these fabulous pictures!

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The Urban Zen Collection Of Furniture by Donna Karan

The Urban Zen Collection Of Furniture by Donna Karan 01 940x701 The Urban Zen Collection Of Furniture by Donna Karan

The Urban Zen Collection Of Furniture

Fashion designer Donna Karan has introduced the Urban Zen collection of furniture.

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Hello Kitty Themes Home in China

Hello Kitty Themes Home 03 Hello Kitty Themes Home in China

Hello Kitty Ideas Home Design

Every Hello Kitty’s fans will be drooled seeing this lovely Hello Kitty Themes “Castle”. Clad in pink outside and inside makes this house’s atmosphere so girly. Inside the house, you will find a living room with a set of sofas and a table in the middle and LCD TV-set mounted on wall. A bedroom with a single bed covered with white bed cloth and two pink pillows might help you sleep like a top. All interiors use Hello Kitty Themes, from the clock to the mat. It can be said that this Hello Kitty house has not only the decorative feature but also a functional one. The best thing about this house is that it is available for rent. However you would need to travel to Shanghai to find this dream house. icon smile Hello Kitty Themes Home in China

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THE SMALL HOUSE: A Modern Home Wrapped in Cedar

A Modern Home Wrapped in Cedar 012 THE SMALL HOUSE: A Modern Home Wrapped in Cedar

Modern Green Home Design Ideas

The Small House uses the concept of a modest one-room cabin packed with a kitchen, living, dining areas, and two sleeping alcoves. The house and the terrace connected by double French doors. Wrapped in Western Red Cedar inside and out and nestled beneath the tree canopy, this house makes a natural chemistry with the landscape. Ceiling fans and operable skylights make it cool inside.  A highly efficient remote-operated mechanical system allows the owners to monitor this modern home from a distance. The latter makes Small House by Maryann Thompson Architects deserves to be called a modern home that suitable to be your inspiration for a small home design.

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