Latest Urban Trend Decorating

dni_17September 1, 2014
Seeking some serenity in the big city? Check out the soothing suite interior in the W Boutique Tower, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The designers at Ando Studio incorporated a pale palette of white and grey for a cool, elegant aesthetic that is the polar opposite of the steamy, bustling city outside. Understated architectural features like high […]

The Bayfield by Webb & Brown-Neaves

dni_17August 25, 2014
The Bayfield is a private home constructed by Webb & Brown-Neaves and is located in Perth, Australia. The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is currently for sale for around $545,000. Beauty, Balance and Harmony. The Bayfield features everything you can expect from a Webb & Brown-Neaves home, with beautiful proportions, spacious rooms […]

Saving Energy through Green Building

dni_17July 26, 2014
Tubular Skylight
Do you want to provide a safe, healthy place for your children to grow up? Do you concern about rising energy costs? Green home might be a best solution for you. Recently, building a green home is about doing our part to protect the environment, helping to make the world a better place for our […]

Parnassus Residence: Inspired Decorating Living Room

dni_17March 23, 2012
An old residence in San Francisco has been totally rebuilt to accommodate the need of the young family of six. Its beautiful masquerade has been maintained, refined, and delicately restored. The interiors were designed to provide a clean, light, and ethereal credentials to an abounding colors and textures of the owner’s furnishing, art, and textiles. […]

Ideal Leisure Space at Home for a Minimum of Six Seated Individuals

dni_17June 6, 2011
Ideal Leisure Space at Home
We use many terms describe leisure space: a space where people gather to interact and take part in various forms of entertainment, from reading to computer work/games and television viewing. Let’s say, Living room, gathering room, great room, or family room. But currently, a formal living room—“where no one ever goes”—is no longer desired. Instead, […]