Comfortable Lounge Chair for Small Space

dni_17March 27, 2012
Come with western style comfort and functionality, Nest lounge chair transformed into a guest bed with materials of high quality futon mattress. The Nest lounge chair created by industrial designer from Denmark Anders Backe is simplistic furniture that was perfect for small spaces. Combine characteristics of the Japanese design tradition with western preference, makes the […]

Parnassus Residence: Inspired Decorating Living Room

dni_17March 23, 2012
An old residence in San Francisco has been totally rebuilt to accommodate the need of the young family of six. Its beautiful masquerade has been maintained, refined, and delicately restored. The interiors were designed to provide a clean, light, and ethereal credentials to an abounding colors and textures of the owner’s furnishing, art, and textiles. […]

Beautiful Chandelier Lighting by Metallux – Astro

dni_17March 21, 2012
Beautiful Chandelier Lighting
This beautiful chandelier, called Astro by Metalux, is ideal for those looking to make some confidant lighting choices that still make a superb statement. It’s a large chandelier, that’s for sure, though the soothing and ethereal peculiarity allows it to be oversized but being overwhelmingly inappropriate. It’s only simply stunning. Astro is a dangling light […]

Few-most Basic Small Bathroom Designs

dni_17March 20, 2012
small bathroom ideas
Using your creative imagination to decorate small bathroom designs is very important in order to get the look and feel that you want. If you don’t have money and live in a home with small bathroom, and you want to fix your small bathroom, take a look of these few-most basic small bathroom designs that […]

Multi-Functional Bathroom Furniture

dni_17March 16, 2012
Versatile Multi-Functional Bathroom Furniture from Ex.t Some time ago we posted an interview with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, which is an Italian design firm that creates some unique and creative Sanitation. They give some advice to a bathroom creativity to stop looking like a bathroom toilet. They suggested trying to incorporate elements from another room into […]

Solar Hot Water Heater

dni_17March 16, 2012
1. Solar Hot Water Heater
Solar Hot Water Heater As Most Usable DIY Solar Project We recommend those who wish to build DIY solar project to apply solar hot water heater project. Below are 10 reasons on why the solar hot water project is the most suitable program for those who want to install solar power conversion in their respective […]

Crystal of Knowledge; the Largest Library in Asia

dni_17July 11, 2011
largest library in Asia-19
Where would the largest library in Asia located? The answer is in Depok, West Java – Indonesia. The library which is also called “Crystal of Knowledge” is built on 33,000 meter square inside area of University of Indonesia, a state-comprehensive world class university. Some of you might surprise to hear this fact. Well, just come […]

Picture Collection of Hello Kitty Theme’s Bedrooms

dni_17July 8, 2011
helo kitty girl room ideas
Hello Kitty is a popular character invented by Sanrio in 1974. Until now, several products of Hello Kitty have been launched and yet still been produced. Let’s say, bedding, furniture, kitchen appliance, stationary, fabrics, and more.  We already discussed about Hello Kitty House before.  As we think that it wouldn’t sufficient enough for many Hello […]