Private Residence – Flügel Haus by Arch-D

Flügel Haus is a private residence designed by Arch-D in 2013 and is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Hello Kitty Themed House Design Ideas

Hello Kitty Themes Home in China

Every Hello Kitty’s fans will be drooled seeing this lovely Hello Kitty Themes “Castle”. Clad in pink outside and inside makes this house’s atmosphere so girly. Inside the house, you will find a living room with a set of sofas and a table in the middle and LCD TV-set mounted on wall. A bedroom with a single bed covered with white bed cloth and two pink pillows might help you […]


Semi-public plaza in Amsterdam – ‘t Park by Cube Architecten

CUBE Architecten have redesigned an old store room in an office building into ‘t Park, a semi-public plaza in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In August 2013 the City of Amsterdam gave the go-ahead for the redevelopment of an old store room under one of their offices on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam into a multifunctional plaza. This plan is part of the new flexible housing concept for their offices, which can be densified […]


Luxury Kitchen Design

Becoming an Interior Designer for Our Own Home

Becoming an Interior Designer for Our Own Home

Many people are hiring the professional interior designer to help them designing their rooms. However, not all of us are having high budget to hire the professional interior designer. If we have just bought a home and we want to decorate the house without having to hire an interior designer, then these tips can be our consideration. First, if we have just bought our new house and we consider to […]


Modern white house design

Modern white house design by Widawscy Studio Architektury Widawscy Studio Architektury have recently completed the D58 House in Mikolów, Poland. Minimalism and a maximum of open space are the basic assumptions of presented interior. Designers arranged them with elegant simplicity. They decided to contrasting statement of white, black and American walnut. Large windows overlooking the garden and the forest heighten the feeling of spaciousness. The ground floor is dominated by […]


20 Basement Designs


Outdoor Kitchen Designs