White Interiors Furniture Design

White Interiors Design Four Story Townhouse in Park Slope

Sparkling white interiors combined with wooden furniture make this 4 story townhouse feel so cozy to live in. Double hung windows make this home flooded with natural light. The renovation of this townhouse was done by Brooklyn Home Company as one of their first projects. Inside, you will find a lot of built-ins and custom work; several wooden shelves, a natural wooden door for its bathroom, wooden table, and else. […]


Modular Kitchen Design

1. Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar Hot Water Heater As Most Usable DIY Solar Project We recommend those who wish to build DIY solar project to apply solar hot water heater project. Below are 10 reasons on why the solar hot water project is the most suitable program for those who want to install solar power conversion in their respective homes. Reasons Behind The Use of Solar Hot Water Heater for DIY Solar Project


Cardboard Furniture Series for Semi-temporary Dwelling’s Student

If you are a semi-temporary dwelling’s student who lives far from your home, you will probably need short-term furnishings in your dorm. Cardboard Furniture is a right choice. It is very simple, but very useful for those who need short-term furnishings. An Australian Company, Karton, had perfectly successful to develop some series of Cardboard Furniture like bedroom, office, dining and living room sets with water-based polyurethane and paint.

The kitchen Glamor Barcelona Apartment 02

Glamor Barcelona Apartment by Philip Fransesc Mitjans in 1950s

Glamor Rustic Apartment Furniture   Located in a building designed by Philip Fransesc Mitjans in 1950s, this glamor Barcelona apartment – with its great light and proportions – is a wonderful example of a timeless design that remain substantially unaltered through the years. That’s why the current owners really appreciate it and asked Patrizia Casarini and Monica Colominas of the Dalla Polvere interior design studio only to restructured the kitchen […]


Office and Showroom Design Ideas

Office and Showroom of Architectural Workshop Sergey Makhno Architectural workshop Sergey Makhno have sent us photos of their recently completed office and showroom in Kiev, Ukraine. Minimalism with loft elements and warm notes of Ukrainian art create a special atmosphere in the workshop that, like a mirror, reflects the owner’s inner being. The key concept of the architect’s office project is to implement the elements worked out by the designers to meet […]