Bedroom Decoration Ideas with Wooden Furniture

White Interiors Design Four Story Townhouse in Park Slope

Sparkling white interiors combined with wooden furniture make this 4 story townhouse feel so cozy to live in. Double hung windows make this home flooded with natural light. The renovation of this townhouse was done by Brooklyn Home Company as one of their first projects. Inside, you will find a lot of built-ins and custom work; several wooden shelves, a natural wooden door for its bathroom, wooden table, and else. […]


Sprino Collection of Small Bathroom Design by TOTO

TOTO has released Sprino collection of small bathroom design with an idea of making the whole bathroom floor to be able to accommodate flowing water. This would make the bathroom stay clean and comfort. With no wash basin and furniture in it, the space you have to provide would be just very small, depends on your need. The choice of walls’ and bathtub’s color, the use of mirror and small […]


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Romantic bathroom pictures

Enjoying The Romantic Atmospher In Sophicated Maximalism Bathroom By Savio Firmino

Having a luxurious bathroom is a dream  for romantic couples. Romantic atmosphere in the bathroom will always give warmth to their relationship and make them feel confortable to be open up to each other. It is also good for maintaining chemistry among them. J. Pizzorno, in collaboration with Guido Savio from Italian company Savio Firmino, has presented beauty and elegance atmosphere to be enjoyed everyday in these luxury bathroom collection […]

largest library in Asia-02

Crystal of Knowledge; the Largest Library in Asia

Where would the largest library in Asia located? The answer is in Depok, West Java – Indonesia. The library which is also called “Crystal of Knowledge” is built on 33,000 meter square inside area of University of Indonesia, a state-comprehensive world class university. Some of you might surprise to hear this fact. Well, just come to the location to see it by your own eyes. The Library of University of […]


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