White Interiors Furniture Design

White Interiors Design Four Story Townhouse in Park Slope

Sparkling white interiors combined with wooden furniture make this 4 story townhouse feel so cozy to live in. Double hung windows make this home flooded with natural light. The renovation of this townhouse was done by Brooklyn Home Company as one of their first projects. Inside, you will find a lot of built-ins and custom work; several wooden shelves, a natural wooden door for its bathroom, wooden table, and else. […]


Bathroom Interior Design


Planning for Home Improvement

Some people make home decoration or improvement for their New Year’s resolution. Since summer is about to come, then this is our chance to fulfill our New Year’s resolution. Summer is the best time to do the project because the weather is friendly. Home improvement has a wide range from interior project like room decoration or fixture to exterior projects like improving the driveway. No matter what home improvement we […]


22 Floor Tile Design Ideas

Italian Futuristic Kitchen by Toncelli

Italian Futuristic Kitchen by Toncelli

Somehow, this picture doesn’t seem like a kitchen. It looks more like a working space with metal bookshelves, modern stylechairs, and all-high-tech-stuffs. Can you imagine that people really cook in this place? This futuristic kitchen was made by Italian manufacturer, Toncelli. The parts that made it look futuristic are the LED backlighthidden behind the marble panel and the use of stainless steel metal materials for its kitchen cabinets. Toncelli got the inspiration from plain wind and […]

Aluminum Curb Mount Skylights

What Kind of Skylight that Fits Best For Your Home?

Before answering the question of what kind of skylight that fits best for your home, let’s dig fundamental information about skylight. What is skylight? Why use skylight? Skylight is any horizontal window, roof lantern or oculus, placed at the roof of the building, and often used for day lighting. It admits more light per unit area than windows, and distributes it more evenly over a space. The use of skylights […]